Mavis Sika Okyere

Mavis Sika Okyere (née Nyarko), is a Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer with Ghana National Gas Company.
Mavis, studied MSc. Gas Engineering and Management at University of Salford, United Kingdom, and BSc. Civil Engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.
She specializes in corrosion protection, pipeline coating material, cathodic protection, pipeline stress analysis, wall thickness design, finite element analysis, structural analysis and design. She is highly committed to research in the field of corrosion protection,  pipeline integrity, stress analysis, and natural gas.





On average, oil and gas companies, and water/wastewater industries, use six per cent of their annual income to combat corrosion.

This book has been prepared to satisfy the needs of students, practicing engineers and scientists for an introduction to the corrosion protection for the oil and gas industry, and overcome corrosion issues. The author have made the book very concise and easily understood.  

This book covers the subject of corrosion protection for the oil and gas industry. It is concerned primarily with the external and internal corrosion protection of onshore pipelines, subsea pipelines, but reference is also made to the protection of other subsea equipment, subsea structures, risers, and shore approaches. The corrosion protection of pipelines (either onshore or subsea), which operate at elevated temperatures and therefore require the application of an anti-corrosion and/or thermal insulation coating capable of withstanding such corrosion is also covered.

Two case studies, design examples, and my experience as a pipeline integrity engineer is featured in this book.  Readers should have a high quality and in-depth understanding of the corrosion protection methods available and apply them to solve corrosion-engineering problems.

Mitigation of Gas Pipeline Integrity Problems presents the methodology to enable engineers, experienced or not, to alleviate pipeline integrity problems during operation. It explains the principal considerations and establishes a common approach in tackling technical challenges that may arise during gas production. This book comprehensively covers


  • third-party damage, corrosion, construction and materials defect, geotechnical hazards, stress corrosion cracking, off-spec sales gas, natural gas hydrate, and leak and break detection

  • Details various hazard mitigation options

  • Offers tested concepts of pipeline integrity blended with recent research results, documented in a scholarly fashion to make it simple to the average reader


This practical work serves the needs of advanced students, researchers, and professionals working in pipeline engineering and petrochemical industries.


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